Founded in 1965, the Choir continues the tradition of the manécanteries, composed only
of boys’ voices. In 1998, under the impulse of Christiane Bourry, the Choir gave itself a
new structure and took the name of “The Little Singers of Belgium”. The Choir gives concerts in Belgium and in other countries, and in addition, the boys participate at festivals, marriages and international congresses.
The Choir is a member of the national and International Federation of “Pueri Cantores”.
Each year, in Brussels, it takes part in concerts, together with other Choirs affiliated to the Federation - French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and German-speaking.. The International Congress takes place every two years – in 2007 it will be held in Krakow.

The Chorus is based in Lessines and has some working antennae located in Brussels, Namur and Mouscron. This localization in other areas permits the participation of young boys from distant parts of Belgium.. The regional rehearsals prepare for seminars, and these are held in the head-office of the Chorus, in Lessines, where the Singers have a permanent infrastructure and hosting families.

Objectives of the Choir
Open to any boy who likes to sing, the Chorus develops, through a musical approach, real educational values. Indeed, the children learn beauty, attentive listening, and concentration, as well as personal and collective discipline. They are also called upon, by their travels abroad, to give a positive image of our country.

The Special Nature of the Choir
The Belgium Boys Choir is attracting boy singers following in the proud tradition of the very famous music schools of the past. Those schools took their part in the creation of a quantity of fine vocal works (particularly in the Baroque period) and for centuries constituted the base of European musicians.

Today, there are still many recordings of famous boys choirs all over the world, specially
in countries like Germany, Austria, England or France ( Cambridge, Oxford, Vienna, Hanover, Dresden,…).

Training of the Singers